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mad gatorz bro

cool video

from lenardon Chronicles | Formula D | Part 1 from Mark Lenardon on Vimeo.


powers vs dmac chase top 16 atlanta from on Vimeo.

we are lions



here is a video from my friend fat chris! we had the idea to ask my surfer buddies from high school about my drifting. its a question that gets asked a lot. Curb Floaters and Back Fades Part 1 from Chris Colachis on Vimeo.

2010. fade to black

just got back from vancouver. met charles kha the new editor in chief for speedhunters. one idea he had for future works was to show the disappointment, frustration, emotions behind the competition. not just “keep drifting fun,” but to show that i have drive, or hunger, or whatever-to do well in formula d. this has [...]


grid vid

My buddy Gabe who is living down in the Dominican Republic right now scoring good waves and babes made this video from Gymkhana. He didnt really know anything about drifting until we met down in El Salvador last year so I was curious how this video would turn out. I definitely like it and think [...]

Gymkhana 6.66

Gymkhana 6.66 from on Vimeo. this is my first attempt at editing a video whatsoever. I also need to get a larger memory card, I always end up with 3 hours of footage of my car parked with the camera aimed at some grass from forgetting to turn it off, and run out of [...]

grid pump up

coffee+ getting jacked for this weekend

mas el salvador

check out this video my friend Gabe made from El Salvador. My section is the guy falling every wave haha one more pupusa and then im gone from Gabriel Valencia on Vimeo.

Halloweenie replay from on Vimeo.

A.I. rip


Matt Powers| Irwindale| Team NFS from Mark Lenardon on Vimeo.


Matt Powers in Wine Country from Mark Lenardon on Vimeo.

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