here is a little video that never got released just came across is under private on my vimeo. also should have 2 more vids coming in the next week nothing crazy but cool or funny little things. get some pop corn. Thanks to Motegi and Yaer/Davis for putting this together for me Irwindale/quick thoughts Motegi/Yaer/MTP [...]

in car Aoki footy

there was a lot of footy. did the edit myself as you can tell. tried to just go through the day chronologically. he did good. lowered the limiter down to 6k haha (thanks costa!) whos next? Steve Aoki drifts my race car from on Vimeo.

passenger cam, aoki/nitto bash part 1

i went to the coffee shop, got some tea (little under the weather, been drinking less coffee too) and busted out this “edit.” the moon came up as I was finishing it. was cool. nice evening. Nitto/Aoki passenger cam: a philosophical investigation of the ride along from on Vimeo. ok. its not philosophical or [...]

got the band back together

ASB12-kooky clips from on Vimeo. i like putting stupid clips next to each other. not really a “video” since its pretty raw still, more like clips put next to other ones, but ya. fun times. need a new door, fender, and bumper for the demo car lol.

coloRADo drifting

the title to this post is coloRADo but the titles just come up in all caps. whatever. did my own little edit of this footage. super rough. Think i have really good “directing” I just dont really like editing. At least with the random movie maker or whatever software is on this (not mine-I dont [...]


blackout is a rad scorpions song and the title of our favorite scorpions cover band from socal! they are all old dudes and they kill it haha Black out (Powers FD Vegas) from on Vimeo. We find ourselves in the intense heat of Las Vegas, Nevada for round 6 of Formula D. Matt qualified [...]

keep drifting f&#k

goob vibes bro. Shredding Seattle from on Vimeo. We make our 5th stop of the Formula Drift US series at Evergreen Speedway in Seattle, WA. Seattle is always one of our favorite stops on the tour because it has such a strong community with a lot of passionate fans. We had to skip out [...]

drifting>spray tans

jersey went pretty well i think. got a ton of responses on facebook and whatnot when i lost against jr, that was cool. I cant really comment on it because i didnt see it in real life, but regardless, huge momentum shift for my “season” and in general my fd attitude. Havent really had good [...]

Thunder on the lot

thunder on the lot 2012 from on Vimeo. stoked to have this car up and running again. Will be able to make way more events. Hollar. Dokken played Saturday night but I wasnt able to make it out there until Sunday so I missed it, bummer!

alligators eat sunscreen

Sunburns in Palm Beach (Powers FDPB) from on Vimeo. The third leg of our Formula Drift U.S. tour lands us down at PBIR in West Palm Beach, Flordia. Make sure to subscribe! Site: FB:

Road to loooong beachhh

Here is our recap vid from round 1. 4th was a good finish but I’m kinda bummed too I guess. I feel like I have a solid chance of winning that event and with some practice time jn the car before the event maybe I could have. Still felt good to out qualify 45 drivers [...]


Boner jams

The final countdown: 2011

2009, brought the heat. 2010, rocked on. 2011 was the final countdown. Really pumped on how the video came out. I listened to this song all 2010/2011 winter thinking about a year end recap to this song. Nate did a super killer job, it’s definitely my new favorite video from him/ drift party. The Golden [...]

Will made this video of Aasbo and I. Freddy and Matty. We actually shot it last feb (2011) in Vancouver. Good times. Off Seasons – Director’s Cut from Will Roegge on Vimeo.

Irwindale vid

Poopy end to the season but here it is. Year end recap will be up sometime in the future.

Two-fer Tuesday

Vid from china is up- Anddd Check out this video compliments of Chabin who does the FD tv show. This was really shocking to me haha. I saw it was about to happen, did my best to avoid it but there was no way. Then I saw it was about to hit me right where [...]

ariba ariba

Grom abuse

Free hair cuts for the groms on my last trip down to Mex. I’ve been trying to keep the grom spirit alive in myself too lately. Business and growing up sucks.

Big city, big city nights

mullets rule


makes wall riding seem petty Pacific Pirates from Billabong on Vimeo.

jerseyyy, remember mee

Powers Pumpin’ in Jersey from on Vimeo.

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