I’ve been redoing my portfolio for this year. One section I had was fan examples. I pretty much determined that I have the raddest fans and I just wanted to give you all a shout out. I’ve been feeling a bit worried about 2012, but focused, and going through a lot of photos on Facebook [...]


Happy new year. Haven’t been on the computer much, don’t really miss it. I definitely lived 2011. Not really sure what 2012 will bring. Been learning a lot about life in the past couple months. My only plans so far are to try to have more fun, take things less seriously, and surround myself with [...]

Irwindale vid

Poopy end to the season but here it is. Year end recap will be up sometime in the future.

Two-fer Tuesday

Vid from china is up- Anddd Check out this video compliments of Chabin who does the FD tv show. This was really shocking to me haha. I saw it was about to happen, did my best to avoid it but there was no way. Then I saw it was about to hit me right where [...]

Big city, big city nights

get rude

i wall tapped pretty hard thursday practice. usually its just a bumper and maybe tail lights that get destroyed, this time i lost the trunk and the trunk wing too. i was pretty surprised when costa told me the trunk was missing haha. epic

mullets rule

jerseyyy, remember mee

Powers Pumpin’ in Jersey from driftparty.com on Vimeo.

uh oh

mad gatorz bro

cool video

from lenardon Chronicles | Formula D | Part 1 from Mark Lenardon on Vimeo.

winning (actually, losing)

winning (actually, losing)

vid here. gosh darnet.


powers vs dmac chase top 16 atlanta from driftparty.com on Vimeo.

i prefer rear entry

some of my favorite shots from round 2. overall the event was good. satisfied with my driving, although i need to get back on the podium!


2011: waging war

finally drove how i know i can. time for war

this is why i go to china

check me out at 5.45, you can clearly see my green helmet. i dont do rhd. but china is a huge demolition derby for me. thats why i like it


to be continued

to be continued

7 liters of thunder

7 liters of thunder

Rear is pretty much done, new rear Drift Works knuckles and Wilwood dual caliper setup Costa welding engine mounts. Dailey dry sump setup too, super sick shit had to put this section back in for tech for this year and….. 7 liters of THUNDER!!! so stoked. Last year when I had to change my paint [...]

here is a video from my friend fat chris! we had the idea to ask my surfer buddies from high school about my drifting. its a question that gets asked a lot. Curb Floaters and Back Fades Part 1 from Chris Colachis on Vimeo.



time dick. all warped. 2009.


i dont see how people could be happy that tanner is leaving for 2011. he is an amazing driver to watch in both single and tandem runs, and legitimizes the hell out of drifting. he is awesome. i will certainly miss him this year. he is one of my favorite drivers.

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