All star bash

We’re getting the band back together. You’ll see.
Thanks to Charlie for having me out again at just drift. I’ve attended every all star bash and I’m proud of that lol. Dai was there in his missile which I thought was super cool. Gushi was there too. Then lots of regulars from fd like Odi justin fields kado Taka. They go every year. And of course all my homies from just drift and SD.

Juju (Tommy’s gf), clif (big toms dog), and myself shared the back seat.

Tool the toy hauler. It’s toms. Spare wheels too. Hauler fits people to sleep at track, makes coffee, lets us poop in it if we need. Also has a fridge. It’s nice to us. My car was a bit low for it though and kept getting hi-sided while loading and unloading haha. It’s better for toms buggy.

Tom rode his new hog from sd to the track. It’s a good 3.5 hours without traffic. His face was dirty but he looked super cool when he passed us on the freeway.

I’m not sure what he was doing but this photo came out funny

No comment

My car had a dead battery. It wasn’t charging for some reason but tom diagnosed and fixed it in literally 5 minutes. You can kinda see some dogs in the trailer in this pic too.

Jtp asleep

Big wave Dave asleep/waking up

Breaky with the boys At toms burgers. Super generic chain out in the area.

Had some coffee on the way to the track. I was pretty pumped to go drift for fun only/not competition. Needed to decompress a bit.

Larry Chen chased me down with his and will roegges camera on the front. Footy is super sick.

Hugo was out there. Check his tattoo. Tommy’s buddy did it. Sick styling. I guess he liked San Diego

Cool sticker I’m not sure what this is

I crashed into Dave. His car was mint. Sorry Dave. Bent my knuckle so that ended my weekend. Was hoping to do lore tandem but got a lot of streets clockwise time in so that ruled.

Tommy playing with the gopro

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