Recipe rwednesday

Forced alliteration.
This is a yogurt spin on a mexi style treat. Tajin or a salty Limey chile covered fruit. You can get it at the boarder wait line but that’s sorta beat. Farther into mex they do it with coconuts and its so good. You drink the water, then they scoop out the meat and prepare it like that.


You cut up the mango (or whatever fruit. This is a good mexi style fruit though. You cut along the stem long wzys then do x’s in he meat almost to the skin, fold it back like so, scoop out

Add the yogurt. I use greek yogurt because I was veggie newly pescatarian and apparently if I don’t get enough protein ill die or my biceps won’t look all gnarly. I use faje cause I’m used to the taste (Greek yogurt is kinda bad tasting) and you can get it at Costco. Also because Socrates would eat this yogurt if he ate yogurt.


Splash of coco milk or whatever milk you want


Sprinkle tajin or salty chile spice

Squeeze lime in there. Then take a pic to impress people.


Then you let it marinate in the fridge for a few hours or overnight. Or up to a few days if you’re feeling lucky.
I haven’t tried this yet it’s still marinating so eat/make at your own risk.

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