Random recipe I like. I’ve made it for a couple people, none of them really liked it. It’s bananas and eggs together. Sorta a sweet breakfast with eggs. I’m really into it. So soft too that you don’t really even have to chew it.
You need however much banana you want to use, however many eggs you want to eat, and some of whatever kind of milk you want, which is somewhat optional.



I like to use a whole banana since what am I going to do with the other half and because its sweet and I’m hungry, coconut milk to play off the whole sweetness thing, and 2 eggs with yolks. I heard if you pull the yellow part out of your egg though you get totally shredded ripped lean cut 10 pack.



Mash em together real good. The banana is a little work. I try to get it as good as I can. Maybe make a smiley face with it as you mix it all together if you are strange.



hit the pan with some oil or butter or maybe nothing if thats your style. I use coconut oil because it smells so good and again goes with the whole sweetness thing. I scramble em. I guess you could make it an omelette with chocolate inside or something too. Maybe that sweet cheese whatever it’s called. They end up sorta juicey. The banana makes em almost wet but its not runny from the egg. The first time I made it I was literally pouring the juice from the pan.



Season it maybe with some cinnamon (canela) and feed it to your cat. As soon as I’m done cooking before I eat I soak my dishes to help for later. My chore as a kid was dishes. Then try to feed it to your cat. Then go do something cool with your day.

So so random. Is this really the website of a pro drifter

ps, i didnt really feed it to the cat. i just couldnt get a cool looking photo of it all together.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Interesting! I am going to try it once our chickens start laying eggs again. Like the smiley and the coconut oil/milk. Two if my favorite things. Time for some pics from downunda!

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