its not just being away from work or home. its not a holiday or a trip. it doesnt have to be temporary or a defined period of time. its not temporal or geographical or sociological. its a lifestyle and attitude. so pissed no one ever explained it this way.when you google vacation with philosophy or existential or ontology or mode or morality or metaphysical all this bs crap comes up. be on vacation on your days off or after work or from your back yard or even inside your house. shit be on vacation at work. just act like youre on vacation always and your life will be better. either you get it or you dont. it doesnt really make sense, i know, but it doesnt have to. its a mode of being not a temporary geographical relocation. froth or get frothed!

if you subscribe to my blog and get this right now you are probably confused as fuck. its ok, i am too. im not on drugs.

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