passenger cam, aoki/nitto bash part 1

i went to the coffee shop, got some tea (little under the weather, been drinking less coffee too) and busted out this “edit.” the moon came up as I was finishing it. was cool. nice evening.

Nitto/Aoki passenger cam: a philosophical investigation of the ride along from on Vimeo.

ok. its not philosophical or investigative at all, but i thought it was funny and cool how each person acts while in the passenger seat of the drift car, including myself.
this was filmed on my Replay XD camera during the Nitto Tire Steve Aoki birthday bash event at the Long Beach Convention Center. REALLYYY small course, but it did the job. Steve Aoki drove my car a bit too, got some figure 8s down. This was my competition car too, very fast haha. Demo car out of country.
Video of Aoki driving will be up this week. Lotsa footy, dont know how I am going to sort that yet.

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