coloRADo drifting

the title to this post is coloRADo but the titles just come up in all caps. whatever.
did my own little edit of this footage. super rough. Think i have really good “directing” I just dont really like editing. At least with the random movie maker or whatever software is on this (not mine-I dont even own a-)computer.
anyways, here it is. the foot cam is really cool I think. big brake stand at the end of the last drift. Also the face cam is funny. Was trying to blow some bubbles hence the gum/mastication- (the active form of the verb masticate- to chew, spanish-masticar)

coloRADo on board-bailamos! from on Vimeo.

did a little edit myself. random. raw. rough?- don't take it seriously. All Replay XD on board. There are good angles and footage in there though. Got a question about the driving? Just ask!

The rear facing cam is kinda whack, but it helps contextualize the other footage so i kept it. running some 500 tread-wear Nitto Motivos (last forever, grip good too!) just not much smoke. Don't make fun of me!

Thanks to Drift Colorado for having me out to judge and drive their final round of the year.

my dads friend says I should make this my pump up song. Almost used it for the vid above but I didnt really know how to do that and thought car noises worked for the on board stuff.

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  1. Alex Wilmot says:

    Is it easier to drift with the 2spoke steering wheel than a 3spoke?

    • admin says:

      no its the exact same i just like the style. this wheel is almost a 90mm dish which is real deep. i just think its cool though mostly lol

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