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If drift party had a pandora station it would be 90s I think. Lately I have been listening to “mr.jones” radio (counting crows) on pandora. It’s so good. 90s music is so existential and strange. It’s really good day time music. Think the scene from the movie “yes man” with third eye blind/jumper lyrics. They really affirm life. Those are the ones I’m thinking of. Kinda nostalgic for me too. Really good summer jams and day or evening jams. Lately I’ve been waking up to that, coffee, and a book on a table outside. It’s good.

Also, been thinking about how I can do all my “social” media lately. Right now it’s all the same content from different channels, as if the majority of people who follow me certain places aren’t the same people that follow me other places. I came to the conclusion that facebook is for interaction with “fans” ( Instagram is sorta a day to day thing like twitter but for photos (@powers_sucks) and my website is just to get weird with I guess. Sorta a blog to fill in the gaps.
I was thinking it would be cool to start having more music stuff, reading/book stuff, even recipes or cooking stuff. Not that I am a literary scholar or a chef, actually I am somewhat of a literary scholar I guess, but none the less, just random stuff you can follow the temperature and moods with. Feel it out.
Also, random, I signed up for a triathlon sprint class. It’s a 500m swim, 10mile bike,3 mile run. Courtney Day and Thao Linhberghs gf are doing it too but the longer distance. So far ran 9 miles, biked 41, and been pretty consistently doing mile long swims. Little yoga too since this stuff makes me sore. Been liking the yoga. Namaste.
So for now that’s it. Mr. Jones radio it up. /rant

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  1. Dimitri says:

    CCR Pandora is also a really great station for ‘good times’ daytime music. really chill, feel good music.

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