Nature verse nurture lodge,

Nature always wins!
Obviously I’m the driver so ultimately it comes down to me losing, bottom line. I drove not so solid in the rain. I dunno. I’m more mad at the rain haha. I’m not scared to get disappointed with myself. It happens. A lot. But I was feeling really good in Saturday practice, I think the best I’ve felt all year. Was also having a lot of fun out there. It’s hard to build up momentum on the track at Fd because you sit in line and wait 15 minutes for one 30 second lap. Not sure if I just got a lot of track time or what but I was feeling good and comfortable. The crew of Costa, Tom, and special guest big wave Dave killed it too. Mechanics work hard in FD. Harder than a driver with less spot light too. My car hasn’t blown up yet. I also stopped wearing my cool suit after Florida. It just makes me sleepy in the car. Just trying to figure myself out still I guess as I change and what not. Having that good fun session though really got me psyched again to work hard for Irwindale and to go drifting a bunch. Got my old pirate ship in the frame shop also to get it looking good again. Overall we had a fun weekend though and brought a good outlook to the weekend. We stayed at the wynn, or the encore rather, as they are a client of my dads. This was a cool change up and I loved the buffet. Steve Wynn is either a veggie or a vegan and there were lots of options for me. The logo of the hotel is his signature and it’s kinda cool as if he is putting his name on everything there. Still remember in 2009 when I barely had the money to make it to Vegas and we had like 9 people (hopefully not all guys, but probably haha) in a room at the Sahara.
Doing cool things soon!
Super radical pic from Larry!


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