Interpretation of dreams

Had a strange dream last night. Kinda a nightmare but not really. More of a bad/stressful dream.
I was at long beach FD and the track had been changed, and my car wasn’t ready. It was similar to this year where basically I had like 3 laps to figure out the new course, but everyone was killing it.
Dan from part shop max was driving in FD, as was my friend Nick in some s13 missile. Nick is Nate who makes my videos brother. Nick was probably my first buddy that was into drifting back in like 2004. He doesn’t drive anymore. He was killing it though super aggressive, and I was thinking how am I going to do better than that right now with no practice don’t know the car, I was freaking out haha. He was hitting walls And everything. The course was ran backwards and for some reason it was in the middle of the forrest with massive trees.
I don’t know what this means. Think Vegas will have a new layout and it means I need to bring it super hard haha. Gonna go drive my practice car soon before we head out. I like Vegas. In yes man the movie mentioned below Jim carrey has a dream where he dies and e uses the dream as motivation to become the “yes man”. I think my past 2 rounds have been good, not saying that I’ve been the same as a “no man” in drifting haha just drawing a similarity.
Anyways. Back to your regularly scheduled program.

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  1. David says:

    what a nightmare! I always thought that in dreams we face our fears so that in reality we are ready for the real test! try to do your best as usual, you’ll see that sooner or later you will go up on the podium in the first place!

    David from Italy ;)

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