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jersey went pretty well i think. got a ton of responses on facebook and whatnot when i lost against jr, that was cool. I cant really comment on it because i didnt see it in real life, but regardless, huge momentum shift for my “season” and in general my fd attitude. Havent really had good consistent runs in the new car yet this year. definitely had good runs, just not when it counted haha. mix of driver sucking/hesitating and circumstance. I know i didnt totally kill it in jersey, but it felt good just to have a good weekend out there. bogged real hard in florida and pretty hard in atlanta.
this was also the first video we did a “release party” for. It was basically just the buddies at nates house with some food and a projector in the back yard. watched a couple of the videos. was pretty cool.
anyways here is the video. ps happy fourth.

Riding the Wall (Powers NJ) from driftparty.com on Vimeo.

Round 4 of Formula Drift takes us to Wall Township, NJ. In his best performance since Long Beach, Matt finished 8th for the day and currently sits in 10th place overall in points.

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