I’ve been redoing my portfolio for this year. One section I had was fan examples. I pretty much determined that I have the raddest fans and I just wanted to give you all a shout out. I’ve been feeling a bit worried about 2012, but focused, and going through a lot of photos on Facebook from fans really stoked me out. I see a lot of my “fans” more as friends and I’m stoked to have such cool people backing me. I even ask some of you for insight and opinions on things. Thanks for having my back, see you at long beach!!


(If your example wasn’t used, don’t feel bad there are a lot of them. These are just some I found on Facebook. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you haha)

4 Responses to “<3”

  1. Markus Busch says:

    cool stuff dude ^^

    you’re the man!!! go for it in 2012…

  2. Bop says:

    Nice matt! we love you too ;) Keep driving the crazy way you do, you are the person that makes FD interesting

  3. Tizer says:

    I spot my shoe in there :)

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