Two-fer Tuesday

Vid from china is up-


Check out this video compliments of Chabin who does the FD tv show. This was really shocking to me haha. I saw it was about to happen, did my best to avoid it but there was no way. Then I saw it was about to hit me right where I was. His car kinda went inside my car and his tail light exploded all over my head. Luckily I had a closed face helmet on. Both the door bar and main hood had to be cut out and replaced after this. I was literally shaking after this and it really freaked me out. I’ve been in a lot of crashes but I think this one was so scary because of how close it was to my body and the fact that it just happened to me out of nowhere. It wasn’t my fault Or in my control at all. Usually crashing is just going along for the ride. The door bar hit me in the knee which really hurt. I was talking with the crew through the radio right after the crash, they asked how I was and I said, “my knee fucking hurts. It’s definitely not broken or anything but it really hurts.” I could barely keep my hand or foot on the brakes after and had to just let the car roll back. I was amazed because the suspension was totally fine. I guess the good part about his car almost taking me out was that it wasn’t close to the suspension and I was able to keep going through the weekend. I asked Tommy, “does this mean I advance?” I was also disappointed in the footage of this crash. The impact was so strong (almost 4g’s) that it messed up all the on board stuff from the crash. The out of car videos don’t quite show what I went through. Was pretty excited to finally see cool footage of this on the tv show. For a few days after my whole body was really sore and messed up. My neck and back especially. The first time I actually got somewhat hurt from a crash. Anyways I guess my point of sharing this is not to Just whine and complain but that I think it kinda changed my driving for the worse at least temporarily. For the past few rounds I’ve just been kinda scared to follow really close and have been thinking “man I hope this guy in front of me doesn’t crash right now” while following. After I lost in top 32 in Irwindale I was so bummed because I sorta held back, I knew I didn’t do the best I could. JTP came over to me after I lost and said he was proud of me and how good i did this year and all that regardless in a really genuine way and I really look up to him so it meant a lot. I was trying to explain to him how I’ve been scared ever since the crash in jersey and how it’s been holding me back and hanging above my head and fuck I swear I was trying so hard not to cry and just lose it while talking about it. I just sat in my car with my head down for like 30 minutes. Just really bummed that it freaked me out so much. I crashed in single runs twice Irwindale weekend and it doesn’t really change anything, except for maybe a few runs after I take it a bit easier. Even in Vegas when I got third it wasn’t because of crazy aggressive follow runs but just good lead runs got me through. I think that’s why I wasn’t crazy stoked on that podium because I knew I was capable of better. My 14 is so beat up now though that my plan is to turn it into my missile/demo car and just do a lot of following in the “off season” and just get over it. /rant

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