Alpinestars called me and invited me to do the Katin pro-am surf contest in Huntington Beach this past weekend. At first I almost didnt want to do it because the waves were supposed to be good down here. Then I actually thought about it and realized im retarded it was an awesome opportunity and sounded like a blast. It was a blast.

The contest format is individual but then your points are accumulated alongside the team you surfed for. I surfed for Alpinestars along with pro surfer Nathaniel Curran and his buddies Frank and Tom.

It was awesome to meet Nathaniel, he shreds, and to hang out with the team. When I was a grom I always dreamed of being a pro surfer, so it was cool to be a part of the event and to do this through drifting.Turns out Tom Curren, surfing legend/3x world champion was in my heat haha. Paddling out I was hooting and yelling at him “You’re a legend!” I was in the lead for about 15 minutes then lost.

Check out this video Alpinestars made from this event

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