new years

I woke up on new years wearing two beanies, two pairs of socks total, and gloves. I was very cold.
In no way related to that story, yet interesting, was something that occurred the day before. I was snowboarding about 50 feet behind this lady, listening to the final countdown. She was about to go off this jump (the biggest one at bear) and I was pumped to hit it too and try to clear it (second attempt-45 feet long to clear). As I was landing, I looked over and saw she had fallen. I think she must have landed somewhat normally then fallen over from there because if something had looked strange in the air I would have noticed. I looked over and saw her convulsing and spasmodicly laying unconscious. I was pretty freaked out to see this and it was a pretty heavy scene. I think she ended up having had a concussion and a seizure and was ok, but I kinda wished I didnt see that. Sorta freaked me out in terms of snowboarding stuff. I went and bought a helmet right after.

Keep it at 11 in 11.

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