Show me your pupusa

After round 6 I got a call from my good friend Will saying he was going to El Salvador the next day. The surf was supposed to be really good and he was calling to talk about boards. I thought the trip sounded fun and less than 24 hours later I met him and his buddies Gabe and Jeromie at the airport in San Salvador.
This is El Tunco, the hotel we stayed at. There were a few surf spots within walking distance but the main spot down there, Punta Roca, was about a 15 minute drive. We didn’t have a car but one of the main local guys, named Vaquero (cowboy), gave us a ride there when it was good. Will and I shared a room con airo for $12.50 each a night. Pretty nice place in a small gated area. The cat is named Vacha (as in the roach of a joint) and we were friends. We landed about 7am local time and the surf was double overhead with a few bigger sets at the local outer point break. The water was super warm, no one was out. After a stressful couple rounds in Formula D and being on my first surf trip in at least 5 years I felt really good. Lots of coffee, licuados (smoothies), pupusa’s (El Salvador’s traditional food, delicious), and 2 veggie burritos for $3.

Towards the end of the trip we took a day long adventure about 4 hours east (El Salvador’s coast line stretches from east to west, not north to south) to a surf spot called Las Flores. It was a lot smaller, but super super fun. We got a ride with a guy named Langosta (lobster) and hung out at this little family run hotel right on the beach. It was super rugged, $15 a night, ocean front. Will and I surfed pretty much all day. I surfed until I got tired, came in, ate cold beans and bread at the kitchen there the lady made for me, had a cup of coffee to get pumped again and did that about 3 times that day.

Jeromie filmed me on my digital camera for a few waves at Las Flores, I think this was the second session of the day. Gabe should be uploading a much cooler high quality video soon.

papusa from on Vimeo.

Thats pretty much it. Awesome little get away between Sonoma, China, and Irwindale. I didn’t take too many pictures because I was in the water the majority of the trip

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